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May 28th, 2008

More than 25 thousand members in Spain and Portugal
Vivafit opens 35 new locations in Iberia during 2008


Vivafit, first brand to introduce the 30 minutes work-out for women in Portugal in 2003, is going to open 30 new locations in the Portuguese market during 2008. The brand closed 2007 with 68 Vivafit in full activity and more than 25 thousand members. The opening of the first Vivafit fitness center in Madrid, Spain, on January 08, started the internationalization process for this franchising leading brand. By 2010, Vivafit is aiming on having 250 locations in the Iberian market (Portugal and Spain). 

In 2008, Vivafit will have 98 training centres in full operation in Portugal. To reach this target the Portuguese leading brand in the fitness market - largest chain operating in Portugal - is going to franchise 30 new Vivafit centers. 

Vivafit introduced the concept of women-only 30 minutes work-out in the Portuguese market in January 2003 and the brand expansion through franchising started in 2004. The brand has 80 units operating in Portugal & Spain at the moment and by the end of the year it will reach 98 locations with an investment of more than 4 million Euros. 

By 2010, the aim of the owners and master franchising for Vivafit is to have an Iberian fitness chain with more than 250 units in full operation. The expansion in Spain started in the beginning of the year with the opening of the first unit in Madrid, Spain. The brand is going to invest one million Euros in the Spanish market where they have already signed a second opening for Madrid. Five openings and 10 franchising contracts will be signed for Spain till the end of 2008. 

Brand expansion in Portugal is on full speed with an average of 30 new Vivafit locations opening every year. Our focus is on maintaining this average in our local market and expanding the brand to international markets, primarily Spain where we want to have a chain of 85 Vivafit by the end of 2010, says Pedro Ruiz CEO of Vivafit Portugal. 

Other international markets like Brazil, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Greece and the Kingdoms of Marrocos and South Arabia are being considered for expansion during the next two years. We are looking for master franchisers willing to work with us to make Vivafit a global brand reinforces Pedro Ruiz. 

Vivafit offers a fitness work-out for women in just 30 minutes. A training circuit of 10 hydraulic machines and platforms offers a complete, easy and efficient work-out in only 30 minutes.

Exclusive for women, located near offices and/or residential facilities, total flexibility to work-out according to everydays agenda, a complete training program in only 30 minutes adjustable to every physical condition and age group, and a safe, healthy and efficient program in preventing and/or reducing overweight a problem for more than 80 per cent of all Vivafit customers are main differentiation factors of the Vivafit brand.

The Vivafit work-out concept is supported by a customer service approach focused on offering an enjoyable, friendly and motivational environment to women that never work-out before or to those that never reached their objectives in traditional fitness centres. 

Vivafit was created to fulfil a gap in the Portuguese market: the lack of training programs focusing on womens needs for flexible time schedules, proximity, efficiency and a supporting team to encourage and motivate those that are aware of the need to work-out to gain more quality of life and more health but never dared to start before. We came to offer a fitness environment adjusted to womens needs and expectations, says Vivafit CEO. 

Vivafit centres are dimensioned for a total of 500 members and require a 150/200 square meters location. The investment needed to open a Vivafit franchise is of about 125 thousand Euros with return on capital on a period of 12 to 24 months.

In 2007, the leading fitness chain in Portugal generated a business volume of 11 million Euros (a 62.5% increase if compared with 2006). This year the brand is expecting a growth of 63%, thus rising business volume to an amount of 18 million Euros. 

Vivafit works with a long term perspective to create a lasting habit of regular exercise in women. 

Vivafit is a committed partner of the Portuguese Foundation for Hart Diseases (FPC - Fundao Portuguesa de Cardiologia) and partner to the local representative of IOF International Osteoporosis Foundation (APOROS - Associao Nacional contra a Osteoporose).

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GSM: + 351 91 820 34 30 

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