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June 9, 2009

Vivafit promotes a food gathering campaign to support Ajuda de Me

Vivafit gathers more than 26 tons of food to support adolescent mothers and their babies 


The national campaign organized by Vivafit to gather food for the Portuguese non-governmental organization Ajuda de Me reached a total volume of 26 tons of non-perishable foods. This support will help adolescent mothers and their babies with social and economical problems.
During the whole month of April, the 96 Vivafit gyms all over the country received contributions from its members, staff and local partners gathering more 60 thousand items of rice, baby food, cookies, pasta and UHT milk the most necessary food supplies according to the supported organization. This contribution will be helping the various shelter houses and other social institutions run by Ajuda de Me
This social campaign engaged more than 40 thousand women in the Vivafit gyms and allowed Ajuda de Me to gather the largest food donation ever in its 18 year of existence. 

The campaign Cuide de si, cuidando dos outros (Take care of yourself by taking care of others) was organized by Vivafit, the largest gym chain in Portugal, and allowed the gathering of more than 26 thousand kilograms of food that will be supporting the social work of the non-governmental institution Ajuda de Me (Helping Mother). 

The initiative engaged the entire network of 96 gyms and more than 40 thousand women members. More than 60.000 items were collected like baby food, pasta, rice, cookies, breakfast cereals and milk.

We had a massive participation from our members because they identified themselves with the principles and the work done by this enduring non-governmental organization Ajuda de Me; this made them contribute in a determined and constant manner bringing different items every week and some of them every day that came to exercise. says Constance Ruiz, President of Vivafit Portugal. The campaign also covered the new members that could join during that month with a 50% discount if they brought five different food items.

It was a fabulous experience. It surprised ourselves in the sense that we were not expecting such a tremendous contribution and such a deep engagement from Vivafit staff and members. says Madalena Teixeira Duarte, president of Ajuda de Me. We thought it would be a small action mainly for new members and in fact was a large movement of solidarity from all members, the recent and not so recent ones. It is by far the largest amount of food we ever received as a donation and we are deeply grateful for that. 

The official donation ceremony was organized at a shelter home in Lisbon and gathered famous women for the press and television in Portugal.

All the food donations were collected and transported by SEUR, a worldwide transportation company that wanted to support Vivafit and Ajuda de Me in this initiative. 

It was a very gratifying and mobilizing initiative. We women tend to be attentive to others but when those others are other women, adolescents facing motherhood at such tender ages we reinforce our helping capacity and that was undoubtedly the case in this project. - says Constance Ruiz.

Ajuda de Me is a private, non-profitable organization with 18 years of experience that aims to help adolescent women and their children making motherhood an improvement factor in the familys lives.

The organization develops a multidisciplinary work support by voluntaries. It promotes: physical, psychological and social wellbeing for pregnant adolescent women; information on pregnancy, sexuality, child planning and child care competences. 

It shelters pregnant women and their children with social and economical difficulties and supports its social and professional integration. Ajuda de Me created the unique nation line to support pregnant women at risk (Linha SOS Grvida / 808 201 13) and maintains permanent supporting offices in problematic neighborhoods. It develops various projects in terms of professional reintegration and education for adolescent mothers. 

Vivafit is the largest gym chain operating in Portugal. Is offers a 30 minutes workout with hydraulic machines and platforms as well as Pilates and Body Vive group classes. Until the end of the year it is expected to open 9 new locations in Portugal and to enlarge the chain in Spain, the first international market for this Portuguese brand, where it operates two gyms in Madrid and Badajoz. Vivafit was the fastest growing brand in the franchising sector in Portugal em 2008 according to the IIF Institute for Franchising Information. 

IHRSA International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association distinguish Vivafit with the European Club Leadership Award 2008 for its leadership and contribution to the European fitness industry. 


Vivafit is a Portuguese brand leader in fitness for women only market. It offers a 30 minutes complete work out concept adaptable to the needs and limitations of every women. Vivafit actively promotes exercise and healthy lifestyles among women.  

Additional information: 
Catarina Cruz / Vivafit Portugal
Tlm.: 91 820 34 30 / 21 485 12 25

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