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Lisbon, March 31th 2010

Largest gym chain in Portugal with 110 locations
Vivafit is negotiating expansion agreements for Asia and Latin America 


The Portuguese gym chain Vivafit is negotiating agreements for the international expansion of the brand in India and Colombia. The international expansion of this European leading brand will be first priority for 2010 together with a regular but intensive growth on its primary markets in Iberia.

Vivafit is the largest gym chain in Portugal with more than 110 locations. In 2009 the brand reached a turnover of 18.6 million Euros 16% increase compared with 2008 results. Last year Vivafit opened 18 new locations in Portugal and Spain - a 20% increase. In 2010 the brand will open 17 new locations in the Iberian market. The Northern part of Portugal, the Spanish capital and the towns of Vigo and Badajoz are the main expansion locations in this region. By 2014, Vivafit aims to have a consolidated gym chain of 250 locations in Portugal and Spain and five master franchises in Europe, Latin America and in the Middle East & Asia.

Vivafit is a Portuguese brand, pioneer in bringing the concept of 30 minutes workout for women only to the Portuguese market seven year ago. It leads the market with more than 40.000 members and a market share of 61%. 

Vivafit, the largest gym chain in Portugal, is negotiating two major agreements for international expansion in India and Colombia. The Portuguese leading brand is investing on international expansion planning to end 2010 with master franchises agreements for Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Despite the economic crises we have a great number of qualified candidates to be future partners in our international expansion process, says Pedro Ruiz, Vivafits CEO. Negotiations for expansion in the Middle East & Asia region and Latin America are progressing rapidly. 2010 will be our kick-off-year in terms of foreign markets outside Iberia.

Vivafit operates more than 110 gyms in Portugal and Spain. Last year the brand opened 18 new locations in Portugal and increased its turnover by 16% reaching a total amount of 18.5 million Euros. The Portuguese brand expects a 24% increase in 2010, anticipating a turnover of 23 million Euros coming from its operations in the Iberian market. 

In the past three years, between 2007 and 2009, Vivafit reached an accumulated growth of more than 68%, with a total of 74 consecutive openings without losing a single gym in the process.

We maintain an intensive growth pattern that makes us one of the faster growing brand in the franchising market in Portugal, says Pedro Ruiz. We have a strong presence in the Lisbon region and we are putting all our efforts to increase our chain in the largest cities on the Central and Northern part of the country. 

This year the growing process will continue with 17 new openings in Portugal and Spain. 

Our goal is to end the year with 125 gyms in Portugal and to reach 150 gyms in a two years time period reinforces Pedro Ruiz. Fitness is one of the most dynamic markets to invest, with a growth rate of 5 to 10 per cent. In Portugal, the fitness penetration rates are still lower (5.7%) than the European average of 7.9%. This means good opportunities for growing on our internal market. He says.

Foreign markets will be also a priority for Vivafit in 2010. Mexico, Colombia and India are countries that show great interest on the women only concept and Vivafit is gaining international awareness for its fast growing in Portugal and for its contribute to the European fitness market. say Pedro Ruiz.

In 2008 Vivafit received from IHRSA International Health and Racquet Sportsclub Association for its leadership in the European fitness market. 

Vivafits gyms are dimensioned to receive an average of 500 members per gym. With an initial investment of 120.000 Euros, return on capital is reached in a period now longer than 24 months. Break-even occurs between the third and the sixth month after commercial opening. 

Vivafits gyms are experts on express workouts for women: 30 minutes circuit with hydraulic machines and platforms and group classes. Vivafit was the first fitness chain worldwide to launch the Les Mills formats Body Vive and Body Balance in express version of 30 and 35 minutes.


Vivafit is the leading brand in the women only fitness segment in Portugal. It offers complete workout solutions - 30 minutes training circuit with hydraulic machines & platforms and group classes like Pilates, Body Vive and Body Balance. 

Vivafit received the European Club Leadership Award 2008 from IHRSA for its contribution to the fitness industry in Europe. 

Additional information: 
Catarina Cruz / Vivafit Portugal
Tlm.: 91 820 34 30 / 21 485 12 25

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