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July 9th 2010

The women only fitness franchise network Vivafit will launch more than 1.300 centers in India, through a local Master Franchisee. 


Their main new Master Franchisees Manisha Ahlawat (main partner and CEO of the company created for this purpose) and Mamta and Abinhav Singh (partners of the former in the expansion plan of the brand for their country) signed this ambitious goal with Pedro Ruiz, co-founder and CEO of Vivafit; also attended this event in Delhi the ambassador of Portugal Lus Filipe Castro Mendes and the commercial attach of the Embassy of Spain, Alberto Gonzlez.

This chain of gyms specialized in helping women make exercise a habit is firmly committed to the internationalization of its brand because of its success obtained over six years, in which it has opened in 114 locations. The next goals are to be established in Brazil, Southeast Asia (Macau, Hong-Kong and Singapore) and Latin America (Mexico and Colombia).

Vivafit, a fitness franchise that specializes in the care of women, wants to go for international expansion and therefore has just signed last Sunday in New Delhi (India) its first agreement of Master Franchise, ensuring the entry of this women only fitness brand in this South Asian market. Thus, over the next 10 years Vivafit plans to launch more than 1.300 centers in India, from the hand of their Master Franchisee: Manisha Ahlawat (main partner and CEO of the company created for this purpose), Mamta and Abinhav Singh, partners in the proposed expansion of the brand for their country. Also who attended the formal signing ceremony was the ambassador of Portugal Lus Filipe Castro Mendes, and the commercial attach of the Embassy of Spain, Alberto Gonzlez.

The new Master Franchisees will open the first Indian Vivafit in the city of New Delhi in October this year. In 2011, the goal is to reach 25 new centers, and then to double that number each year. 

After the ceremony, Pedro Ruiz, CEO of Vivafit, explained that his interest is to focus on expanding the brand in BRIC countries, whose high growth in the coming years guarantees a firm position: although we also want to include Brazil, India and China for their interesting expectations, and Latin America as a priority area with potential of expansion in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia or Ecuador. In regards to Europe, the company has plans to expand its presence in countries like Italy and Germany. If Vivafit can now bet on the internationalization of our brand, it is thanks to the success achieved throughout its seven years, where we have launched 114 locations. 

As a result, the chain establishes its expansion plan to open 2 Master Franchises in 2010, and will continue up to Vivafit establishes itself as leader in its business area worldwide. This ambitious project starts when the consolidation of the internal structure of both the company and the network is a fact. One of the keys of its success has been to present itself as a real business opportunity, with high returns for anyone who wants to invest in a growing sector with a guarantee of success of a proven concept.

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Vivafit signs Master Franchising contract for India:

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Vivafit is a chain of fitness centers, physical health and wellbeing for women, which provides a complete method to be fit with just 30 minutes of daily exercise, choosing from Circuit, Pilates, Body Vive and Body Balance, all in a fun, quick environment. This franchise chain helps women to get in shape quickly, as an instructor encourages, corrects and motivates, but always respecting the pace and limits of each member. 

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