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Women's only fitness franchise Vivafit is set open 200 clubs in Malaysia and Singapore by 2020.
The Portugeuse fitness franchise has agreed a master with Singpore-based entrepreneur and Master Franchisee Cecile Jamoulle-Ogren.

The agreement was signed by the Belgium-born Jamoulle-Ogren and Vivafit Chief Executive Pedro Rui with the first club set to open in Singapore in Apri.

A statement from Vivafit referred to Jamoulle-Ogren and "her extensive business experience combined with her know-how of the fitness business that she will acquire with the Vivafit franchise system will soon create one of the main players in Singapore, where there is a large market of sedentary women searching for practical solutions to improve their health fast using exercise and a healthy diet."
Pedro Ruiz explained that "the only obstacle to an explosive expansion in Singapore is the large shortage of available shops caused by the boom in the economy."

Beyond the opening of first club, to be sited in a central mall, the business plan includes the opening of 100 franchise fitness clubs in Singapore, as well as the extension to Malaysia for 200 new branches.
Initial investment in Singapore is around 500,000 Euros which, according to Pedro Ruiz, "will make the Vivafit brand even more global, it is already present in India with the official opening scheduled for this month, and this will enable entry into more countries in the Far East, namely Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia."

With a total of 114 gyms in Portugal, Vivafit also extended its operations to India earlier this year. Its mission is to help women achieve their fitness goals with exercise habits is servicing approximately 40,000 clients. 

Vivafit was founded seven years ago by Pedro Ruiz with his wife and the company President Connie Ruiz. Together they built the concept of express gyms exclusively for women, leading the Portuguese fitness market in number of units and the segment of fitness clubs exclusively for women with a 75% market share 

Connie Ruiz explains, that "with a clear mission to focus on the results of the clients and applying the best practices of the fitness industry, the Vivafit brand has a strong chance to grow into the number one provider of womens express workouts in Singapore" 



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